Welcome to my website. I created it because you are needed. The world needs awake, powerful and committed individuals, free to love and to create.

Thank you for visiting it.



SoulCollage Group2 copyHere you will not find a model to conform to or dogmatic beliefs to adopt. Rather, what awaits you is an invitation to freedom, creativity and self-mastery. If I have a wish, it is that you find your true voice, your joy, and your unique way to be of service. It is from a place of authenticity that each one of us is of greater service to our community and to Life. For this reason empowering others to blossom into their own unique self is my greatest pleasure. This is not a luxury or an exclusive, isolated journey because we are all linked in the interactive web of life where we are influenced by and influence others and the environment at all times.

mb with cardsThrough my work I invite you to explore flexible and inspiring tools for evolution, selected from the many I have experimented with for over 40 years in my personal and professional journeys. I chose them because they empower by honoring the individuality of each person, while strengthening our experience of interconnectedness with all of creation.

Whatever kind of work we will do together, we will do it “in circle”. In circle we help each other remember. We imagine and dream together, we envision our ancient shared beginnings, we share our longings for wilderness and our love of nature. We heal and find the inspiration to go on.

My offerings are dedicated to support the thriving of your own soul seeds and the expansion of your capacity to perceive, receive and transmit collective wisdom. This commitment underlies my work as a mentor, healer, educator and celebrant of life through word, art, ritual and movement – and it has been the North Star of my own life journey. If any of these programs inspire you, you can sign up directly from this website. But please feel free to contact me if you have a specific question.