About Mariabruna Sirabella:

Mariabruna has been practicing and facilitating SoulCollage® since she first met Seena Frost in 1996.

Mariabruna has been practicing and facilitating SoulCollage® since she first met Seena Frost in 1996.

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Embrace change and transform conflict with the help of your SoulCollage® cards. A CD with three transformative practices by Mariabruna. 


Il CD introduttivo di Seena Frost è disponibile tradotto in italiano da Mariabruna. 


BodΨnvocations© are 16 ‘guided visualizations in motion’ inspired by the Four Elements and by the universal cycles of being. They are accessible to everyone. Each speaks of our human experience and pulses with the heart of Nature, encouraging us to deep self-listening and to live the holy dance of life with more joy.

Mariabruna describes the 16 Intelligences of the Wheel of Life. The Wheel is a core component of the School of The Origins' philosophy.

Mariabruna describes the 16 Intelligences of the Wheel of Life. The Wheel is a core component of the School Of The Origins' philosophy. 

Training in Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil - April 2016

Training in Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil - April 2016

Laughter and creative chaos during the 2nd month long SOTO Pilot Project, Winter 2015, Santa Cruz County

Laughter and creative chaos during the 2nd month long SOTO Pilot Project, Winter 2015, Santa Cruz County

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Mariabruna Sirabella, MS, LMFT, has a Laurea Degree in Communication and Performing Arts from Bologna University, Italy and a Master in Counseling from CSUS, California, and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in California.

In her first career as a researcher in Theater Anthropology, she spent many years in the tribal areas of Southern India studying eastern spirituality, traditional theater, tribal rituals, and healing trance dances. She teaches internationally in English, Italian and Spanish.

As the Translation Coordinator and lead Trainer for SoulCollage®, she has found the SoulCollage® process to be an enduring source of personal truth, guidance, and a universal bridge she has shared with hundreds of individuals worldwide. Mariabruna has guided many to use their SoulCollage® cards for healing, often including ritual to assist clients in accessing their spiritual power.

She developed BodYnvocations™, a kinesthetic method to meet the qualities of nature within and around us, and founded the School Of The Orixas devoted to deepening our relationship with our inner and outer Nature. Her work is the synthesis of lifelong experiences in Yoga, Theater Anthropology, Shamanic Studies and Dance, and her studies in philosophy, comparative religion and literature. When Mariabruna is not teaching, every free moment is spent sculpting, painting, writing and communing with Nature and friends.

Mariabruna met Seena Frost, the mother of SoulCollage®, in 1996 and she fell in love with this method within the very first hour of that initial introductory workshop. Shortly afterwards, Seena and Mariabruna started offering programs and Trainings together, until Seena retired. Mariabruna is now the lead Trainer for SoulCollage® Inc. and continues, along with many others around the world, to uphold Seena’s legacy one card at a time, one course at a time.

Born in Italy as a mixture of North and South, Mariabruna reluctantly relocated to the United States as an adult, after spending about 10 years traveling in Europe and Asia, and having resided in Southern India for extensive stretches of time. “The universe pushed me West, while I had always chosen to travel East. It turns out it had its reasons, and the experience has been rich and rewarding in spite of several challenges” she says.

Since her adolescent years, she has been interested in the many aspects of communication with the visible and the invisible, and she approached them both from a scientific/academic perspective as well as from a spiritual/indigenous one. These two “souls”, the scholarly and the indigenous, manifest themselves in her work in various ways, and become a territory where to explore polarities and discover unexpected bridges between opposites.

Her long involvement in other cultures prompted her to pursue studies in cross-cultural issues, racism and the management of diversity in the therapeutic setting. These studies led her to develop an expressive art approach called “Multiplexity: Tools for Compassion in a Multicultural World” where she invites participants to explore and embrace diversity first within, then without. The involvement in other cultures also lead to a deep interest in all religious and spiritual traditions, and in the “ecstatic techniques” which she studied and practiced whenever possible.

Because of her engagement in holistic healing, among other situations she became involved in an interdisciplinary group focused on addressing the management of Chronic Pain at Watsonville Community Hospital. These collegial investigations on the physical and emotional consequences of suffering and the possibilities of an integrated treatment led her to create “Turning Points: A Psycho-educational Curriculum for Managing Life with Chronic Pain.” “Turning Points” is a group process that combines the wisdom of eastern philosophies and practices with the latest research on the management of pain using Expressive Arts and SoulCollage principles. Mariabruna co-facilitated several such groups at Watsonville Community Hospital through the years with satisfying results.

Mariabruna continues to develop new curricula to expand the applications of the methods she has chosen or developed. These approaches are favored because they do not propose theories to uphold or boxes into which to fit oneself. They rather offer keys to free and express one’s most authentic individual nature.

Education and Experience, formal and informal

Being a curious being, incessantly interested in cultures, the arts, science, psychology, spirituality, healing, anthropology and altered states of consciousness, Mariabruna has participated to countless workshops, lectures, seminars and trainings. Too long and tedious to list here. She brings well over three decades of practice as a researcher, educator, counselor, mentor, and facilitator to her work with individuals, groups, classes, and conference presentations. She has been teaching Yoga and its philosophy since 1988 when she completed the Advanced Teacher Training at Mount Madonna Center in California. She also trained in Process Acupressure (with Aminah Rahim), Yoga and Movement Therapy, and Shamanic Drumming (with Ai-Chu-Rek and others). Among her influential academic teachers she fondly remembers Umberto Eco, under whose guidance she collaborated on an internal seminar publication on non-verbal communication.

Mariabruna has taught at JFK University, UCD Experimental College, Wisdom University, Cabrillo Community College, Esalen, and at Mount Madonna Center and many other retreat centers and Yoga Schools in USA and abroad. She has presented SoulCollage® at the Dance Therapy Conference, at two Transpersonal Psychology Conferences, The Psychosynthesis Conference (with Seena Frost) and at all the SoulCollage® Facilitators Conferences.

In her first career as a researcher in Theater Anthropology, she spent many years in the Dravidian tribal areas of Southern India practicing eastern spirituality, and studying traditional theater, indigenous tribal rituals, and healing trance dances. Through the years, she extended her interest and personal practice in these ancient forms of connection with the Invisible also to other geographical areas, including learnings in the Umbanda tradition of Brazil.

Mariabruna closed her in-person holistic psychotherapy practice in 2013 but continues to offer one-on-one personal consultations and professional mentoring online.

Over 20 years Seena Frost, mother of SoulCollage®, and Mariabruna co-facilitated numerous workshops and Trainings and consulted their decks together in a small peer group for over a decade.