About Monhegan Island

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About Monhegan Island

Monhegan is a small rocky island 10 miles out to sea, off the coast of Maine. It has successfully resisted modern development, and has no paved roads and cars are not allowed (except luggage pick-up trucks!) It boasts 12 miles of walking trails offer commanding views of the Atlantic Ocean from the highest cliffs in Maine. Some trails lead to rocky cliffs, others offer leisurely walks through the “Cathedral Forest,” lined with ferns and dotted with fairy houses, gently constructed of found objects from nature along the trails.

Only 3/4 mile wide and 1-1/2 miles long, Monhegan is a summer haven for artists and hikers and other visitors who appreciate its isolation, the beauty of its wilderness areas, its quiet relaxed atmosphere, and its unhurried pace. Because of its small size, one can view the sunrise on one side of the island, and the sunset on the opposite side at the end of a day.

Although Monhegan is year-round home to fewer than 65 residents (most of them fishing or lobstering families) it boasts a one-room schoolhouse, a library, and a museum.

Monhegan Island attracts visitors from all over the world who want to paint or photograph the rugged, coastal scenery; see migrating birds, rare wildflowers, and sea life (whales and seals).

September is “Low Season” on the Island, with less summer vacation foot traffic and more “birdwatching,” hiking and now, SoulCollaging energy!