Vernal Equinox 2013

March 2013,

Dear friend,

The Vernal Equinox has arrived announcing the renewal of life in the Northern hemisphere. Astronomically speaking light and darkness will be equal at Universal Time 11:02 on March 20th. Which means that in California, from where I am writing, the Equinox will take place at 4:02am on Wednesday morning. But we will experience the day as longer than the night because on our planet the air bends the light radiating from the sun briefly letting it be visible on the horizon after it has set.  

I usually consult my SoulCollage(R) deck in preparation for an event. Yesterday I had the pleasure to do so in the company of two good friends whose Neters joined in to shed light on our intentions for the Equinox. As we gave thanks and called the Ancestors with our drums we were shown an important thread to follow.

In order to meet the specific quality of this Equinox we were invited to travel through the interstices of Time. The change of pace required to do so opens us to a unique kind of attention which teaches us how to tend to the precious and vulnerable appearance of new life. These reflections led us to the question for our cards. Below you may read some extracts from the Neters' answers. As usual it was an insightful and profound experience that will lead us into ceremony on Friday. I share it in the hope to offer pause for reflection and inspire you to celebrate the Season as well.

Question: What Neters are ready to support and guide us in the celebration of this Equinox, to empower the unfolding of Time's in-between spaces, so that all the dimensions may be honored?

Mb 1. Resilience - Committee.

I Am One Who is persistent and determined. I speak to you about this change of season because my services will be needed to remain steady, focused and unfettered in the face of obstacles, of things that do not make sense, death and exhaustion, and to develop the inner strength required to see what usually does not meet the eyes. You need to support each other in developing resilience because if the group has it and one fails the others can carry that person forward.

2. The carrier of ancient wisdom. Council.

I Am The One Who has access to perennial philosophy. I carry the light of ancient knowledge and I see the mathematical grid that holds the universe together. I exist so that those who open their heart and mind may access wisdom as well, at any point in time and space. I will be with you during the Equinox to remind you that not a drop of wisdom is ever lost, and if you attune and align the vehicle wisdom will flow through.

3. The guardian of the roots. Council.

I Am The One Who protects the world of roots, there I hold all opposites in my hands, as separate and yet as one. I sing in the darkness to the midnight sun. Honor my presence before you celebrate the light of Spring.

4. Temenos, the first chakra snake. Companion.

I come today because the spring equinox is the first chakra of the seasons, where survival takes root so that all beings can live through another cycle. Hold this awareness and observe its truth.

CB 1. Spirit of fraternity. Council.

I Am The One Who is present when the spirit of community is invoked, regardless of tradition and numbers. I link all human experiences in their evolutionary process. When you invite me, that space in between time is empowered. Do not be limited by a formal ritual, I can be present in many different settings, in sharing food, music, embrace. Every occasion is an opportunity to be with me.

2. My wholeness. Committee.

I Am One Who holds multiple levels of experience, the reptilian and the logical, reasoning brain. I am aware of all those currents within myself and honor their function. Pay attention to all those realities within yourself and they will inform you on how to best empower the unfolding of the spring Equinox. I invite you to welcome your entire inner community.

3. Interspecies harmony. Council.

I Am The One Who enables harmony and communing between species. I reveal to you that there are no boundaries only affinities. I invite you to seek me, the spirit of fraternity, outside of your own specie. Include in the celebration objects that remind you of the interconnectedness and communication between species.

4. Leap of faith. Council.

I Am The One Who is the in-between. The decision has already been made, the impulse has been given, yet the ground is not touched. I am hanging in space, up in the air as I jump. I am the space in between. I am the leap of faith that the intention may manifest itself. I show up because spring is a leap of faith that the seed won't die, and a new form and life may be expressed. The spirit of fraternity will return, and a new harmony will emerge as each aspect of oneself is honored, and all creatures will use their intelligence to communicate. I am an unavoidable and necessary part of the journey, nothing would happen without a leap of faith. I give vitality to life. Without my impulse the wheel would stop.

NCC 1. Curious innocence. Committee.

I Am One Who carries the purity of the clean mind. My curiosity is an open heart ready and willing to explore all possibilities in the elements. Be childlike. Although I am in a physical body my spirit, soul and consciousness are still very present and connected with the light and the consciousness of the source itself. I have not yet lost myself to this world.

2. The Spirit of Death. Council.

I Am One Who has crossed to the other side, into the dimension known as death, yet I live and I have passed through the portal. From this place I see all, I am not limited. The death of the physical body becomes the rebirth of the spirit, a resurrection. That is why I have come now, for this is the time of the Equinox, the resurrection of what had died or was dormant and is now ready to spring forth to life. Nothing really dies, just takes a different form.

3. The Singer. Committee.

I Am One Who lives the spirit of joy and expresses it through sound. The channel between the earth, my belly, my heart and my throat is open. The power of that connection and the need to express it calls to the heart energy of those who are witnessing my experience. I will bring to the celebration a fully expressed joyful uplifting of sound that it may flow through each person attending the Equinox gathering.

4. Grandmother Turtle. Council.

I Am The One Who invites you to swim in the waters of life. They quench the thirst of the earth and the thirst of humanity. They align with the earth of the body, the planet, the cycles and the seasons connecting them all. I invite to the celebration peace, calm, relaxation, and floating in the waters of life and spirit. I will come to guide each person attending this ceremony to dive deeply through all the dimensions.

Live in Love, Walk in Beauty on this day and every day