Solstice Blues - 2017

We are approaching the sacred seasonal time of the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Summer Solstice in the Hemisphere below. By aligning with the “turning” energy of this pivotal moment we may harness it on behalf of our personal and spiritual unfolding.

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There is a parallel cycle occurring in our own lives, is there not? Immersed in constant change, like the planet around the sun, we spiral again and again around the core patterns of our personality, and revisit the recurring challenges of our personal history. What can we do to transform these inescapable, often trying, tours into opportunities?

The combination of deep listening within, faith in our inner wisdom, commitment to actions aligned with our deepest values, determination to stay awake and conscious, and willingness to acknowledge shadow and limitations, is key not only to personal development, but also to inhabiting self-acceptance. And yes, each one of these key concepts can become a precious Neter once you create its card!

This year, my invitation to Solstice contemplation reflects an unusual perception that has visited my dreams in recent weeks.

While the Summer Solstice invites outward focus, the Winter Solstice calls for reflective hibernation. Yet for some inexplicable reason, this year the call for silent repose in the dark recesses of soul is coupled with a strong urge towards vision and action, as if the two opposites were reaching for each other to create a different kind of forward impulse.

Maybe I can blame the amazing super-moon we enjoyed on December 3rd, in double-faced Gemini, or the upcoming New Moon on the 17th, showing up in outgoing Sagittarius – if any of you good astrologers might have an answer for this, let me know. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, as 2017 has been an intense and dense year, filled with challenges and contradictions, battles and discoveries, successes and losses.

Whatever the influencing forces might be, the pull toward the roots of motivation joins the draw towards the outreach of fulfillment, dramatically shortening of the distance between thought and action.

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Says the Sage: “Dive down to sort through limiting beliefs and obsolete old stories, and find the pearl. Then reach up nurtured by the magnetizing force of conscious determination, and take a defining step towards turning a vital corner in your path.”

This seems like a direction that moves beyond the magical moment of the Solstice and projects itself into the near future. Is there a foundational line of inquiry capable of supporting this simultaneous stretch from below to above? We naturally strive for a kind of coherence between meeting our concrete necessities and upholding our philosophical, political, and spiritual values. What question, in this moment, may attend to this instinct towards wholeness and consistency?

Ask it through journaling, meditation, visioning, drumming, art making, and in consultation with your SoulCollage® deck. Use whatever method your intuition suggests to examine the following question, and then offer your answers to the Solstice’s momentum towards change.

How can my choices always honor the brilliance of my Higher Self and the sacredness of my interconnectedness with every aspect of Life?

 Increased mindfulness of the gifts of applying this awareness in small and big decisions strengthens our path towards freedom. Will the choice that I am about to make take me closer to my highest values? Will it strengthen my reverence for life, and the respect for my own life? What aspects of myself may I engage to support this intention of inner alignment between my needs, my desires, my relationships and my actions? How will this choice support my purpose in life, the freedom of my soul, and my creative expression? Will it bring me closer to the breath of life?

There are a few SoulCollage® cards I would recommend creating, if you do not have them already:

1)   The power of choice

2)   The capacity to discriminate in making “soul aligned” and ethical choices (discrimination)

3)   Yourself remembering and contemplating your own SoulEssence

If you are not a SoulCollager you can use any other tool for reflection and discovery you like.

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Acknowledging the power of choice, even if in some circumstances it might be limited to thoughts, gives us the opportunity to take responsibility for ourselves, which in turns deepens our roots and empowers us to grow into our own distinct self. The capacity to discriminate is a tool informing our power of choice towards a direction consistent with what we value. And contemplating our SoulEssence, the presence of Source within, the eternal and infinite inner Light, untouched by historical events good or bad, takes us home to the mystery of our existence and reminds us that we are not alone nor separate from the rest of creation.

Prepare by working with the above central question and add any other question that may pertain to a choice or a direction that you are confronted with, then enter a brief ceremony at the Solstice time on December 21st at 16:28 UTC (8:28 AM Pacific Time).

If the exact time is not convenient, I recommend you set the alarm and spend even just one minute tuning in and remembering. You may also engage in ceremony before or after, choosing how much time and energy you wish to devote to it, alone or with friends.

May the Solstice be a moment of renewed appreciation of Life and joy for the beauty and mystery of Nature.