International Facilitators Conference Sorano, Italy, June 16-23, 2019 - travel tips and details

Welcome to the Solstice Conference!

 We are looking forward to being with you in Sorano very soon!

This letter contains a TON of information, so we suggest you print it and bring it with you.

Address of our location:

Terme di Sorano Residence

Località S.Maria dell'Aquila (Filetta), 58010 Sorano (GR)

GPS: Lat 42.662515 – Long: 11.718601


 Mariabruna cell: +39- 349-114-4857

Laura Cell: +39- 347-035-8341



Based on your arrival time in Fiumicino airport on June 16, you will join a bus that will leave the airport at 14:00 and reach Sorano about 120 minutes later. The Transfer fee is 50$ or 45 Euros. If you wish to pay via PayPal, an invoice in dollar will be sent to you to settle the payment. If you prefer to pay in cash, please do so during the transport in Euro or in Dollars. Let us know what you prefer.

There are no money changers in Sorano or in the nearby villages. We recommend that you change dollars into euros at your bank, as a regular customer you will receive a better rate. Or change at the airport upon arrival.

Most restaurants and stores accept Credit Cards but not all. Make sure to ask first if you are not carrying cash. Debit Cards usually work in Italy (it depends on your bank, please verify it by calling your bank before departure and ask about the Foreign Exchange fee they might charge) and there are several ATMs in Pitigliano where you can withdraw Euros when we will visit the village. There is also an ATM in Sovana.

Either Mariabruna and/or Laura will be at the airport with the bus driver. Mariabruna’s Italian cell number is 39-349-11-44-857 If you use whatsapp you can find Mariabruna’s contact through her USA number: 1-831-768-1442. There you can text and call (using data and not the cell line).

In the international side of the airport, in Terminal 3 (T3) there is a column just in front of the arrival exit (inside the Terminal) that represents the Meeting point (it is very large and it is called Meeting Point in English). Ours is the number 4 near the door exit #2. One of us will be there at 1.45 pm with something SoulCollage®related to identify ourselves.

Here some images to make it easy for you to recognize the place:

meeting point 4.png

Once you arrive you will have to clear customs, retrieve your luggage at the appropriate carousel if you have checked bags, and then follow the signs to the exit doors. You will find yourself in the arrival lounge which is usually pretty crowded. You will find the signs to the Meeting Point 4 just in front of you and don’t be shy to ask anyone that looks official. It is not very far from where you will exit your international flight. If you arrive at another Terminal, ask for directions. Most people are very friendly, and most airport staff speaks English.Most international flights arrive at Terminal 3 (T3), if you arrive at T1 or other Terminal please walk to T3.


The private bus returning to the airport on Sunday June 23 will leave Sorano at 8:00 (ATTENTION CHECK YOUR FLIGHT DETAILS). The fee is the same, 50$ or 45 Euros. If you are planning to spend some time in Rome or elsewhere after the Conference, I suggest to take the private bus to the airport where you can catch a train to Rome’s various stations – and from there go anywhere you wish.


If you wish to have easy access to your home country cellular phone line, make sure you contact your provider for directions and costs.

If your phone is not blocked (if you have an iPhone it will almost certainly be blocked and the procedure to unblock it is quite lengthy, so please start early to effect it if you need it) you may purchase an Italian SIM CARD at the airport. Ask at the airport info desk. You will have time to do so only if you arrive early enough. It is Rome: do not expect impeccable efficiency.

Technically and theoretically WI-FI is available at the Residence. But we are in the middle of the countryside, and even the cell phone lines work on and off. You might inform friends and family, and give them the Residence landline (above in location info) to get in touch with you in case of emergency.

We will do our best to keep you connected with the rest of the world, but again, there is only so much we can do!


I am attaching a packing list for Summer, and I hope to be right. The weather this year has been unseasonably cold wherever I went. Spring is not here in full force yet. We have 4 more weeks…let’s hope that the Season gets in line with our usual expectations. Long story short: pack a sweat shirt. If there is anything unusual I will post details on our Facebook page: You might want to join the group if you are not in it already.

Another option I am considering to stay connected is to create a WhatsApp group only for the Conference. If you are interested, find me there: +1-831-768-1442


  • Your SoulCollage® Cards (maybe a few physical ones and the rest in the App or saved in your phone).

  • Pens

  • Any card making materials you cannot live without

  • Anything that your Pathway Coordinator tells you to bring (s/he will be in touch with you if anything specific is needed).

We provide:

THIN 5X8 blank “cards” and sleeves. We chose to go “thin” for easy transport. It will be easy for you to glue them on your regular preferred thickness once you go back home.

Also: images, magazines, glue, frames, scissors, writing materials, and information from your Pathway Coordinator.



Well, we are not in a touristic area, so things can change at the last minute, also due to unexpected weather. If it rains we will reschedule our outings as efficiently as possible. But the basic structure will not change, although our guides are still working out their schedules for the excursions. You will receive a copy of the final schedule upon arrival.

Upon arrival you will settle in your accommodation. All the meals will be at the Residence’s restaurant. Meals time offer some flexibility.

On Sunday we will meet for dinner and a brief welcome.

On the 17th we will be all together again in the first part of the morning, and then you will join your Pathway Coordinator to start the group work, and you will be with your Circle also in the afternoon.

On the 18th, Circle time half day, Excursion half day (to the village of Pitigliano “the little Jerusalem”).

On the 19th , Circle time both morning and afternoon.

On the 20th: Keynote by Kylea Taylor in the morning. Preparation for the Solstice with Mariabruna in the afternoon.

On the 21st we will leave very early to catch the sunrise inside the Sovana cathedral, and we will have breakfast there. Afterwards we will visit beautiful Sovana and its Etruscan archeological area. In the afternoon: Circle time again.

On the 22nd the Circles will conclude their work and we will start bringing the Conference to a closing.

Departure is on the 23rd.

You will have time to rest, soak in the mineral pools, and stroll in the woods. And of course, visit with each other, make cards, and network.

sorano pool.png


Check out these great tips for packing that are inspired by Marie Kondo’s philosophy!

1.) Pick a suitcase that makes you happy

Marie’s method for tidying involves finding items that spark joy for their owners. In that same vein, you’ll want to travel more and look forward to packing if you pick a suitcase that makes you feel happy when you see it and use it. You’ll want something beautiful, but also functional and sturdy so you can enjoy it for years to come.

2.) Plan before you pack

Take some time before your trip to think about what you need and why you’ll need it. Plan out your activities and check the weather for each day so you’ll know what clothing or gear is absolutely necessary. Where you can, reduce some of the items or try to bring things that can be reused. Outfits that can be mixed and matched for different occasions and products that can be used in a multitude of ways are best suited for traveling. Then once you’ve narrowed down exactly what you’d like to bring, lay all of the items out in front of you to visualize how it should be sorted into your suitcase.

3.) Fold everything well
Marie has an entire chapter devoted to folding, so you know it’s important. Most people fold their clothes and place every item on top of each other in their suitcase, but Marie recommends folding in such a way so that the items stand up next to each other side by side. This way, you can easily see (and grab) what you want without rummaging through and destroying your entire suitcase. If you are bringing clothes that wrinkle easily, roll them up like sushi instead of folding to prevent creases, but still stand them upright and vertically for easy viewing.

4.) Save space

Marie has a plethora of space-saving hacks, such as utilizing the empty space inside shoes to pack jewelry or stuffing socks into bra cups. She advocates the use of pouches or other small containers to keep similar items together and safe from damage. She also suggests saving toiletries for last and packing them in their own water-proof containers to prevent a suitcase catastrophe.

5.) Leave some room in your bag
You never know what items may “spark joy” for you on your trip, so save some space in your bag for any must-have souvenirs. Having some breathing room in your suitcase also makes it much less stressful when you’re packing up to return home and don’t need to sit on the suitcase to get the zipper closed!

Mariabruna’s SUMMER packing list


Tickets/Reservations info planes, cars 

Passport/s and/or IDs 

Wallets - plural if different currencies 

Blank check/s if you think you might need them





Pen and paper

Reading glasses

Jewelry (minimal)MEDS

Make your own list

I store them in sliding zipper bags which I label = lighter and less space 

All this is easily available in loco if needed:



Herbal remedies

Antibiotic cream

Digestion: garlic or probiotics to help with the change of food 

Insect bite cream and prevention 

“NO JET LAG” pills (from New Zealand) available online or natural food stores. I highly recommend them.



Skin (and suntan lotion)



*Airplane comforts (optional)


Reading/listening material

Airplane food

Airplane socks 

Feet massaging ball (helpful) 



Memory card or data bank if needed 

Converter plug (you will need one in Italy)

Prescriptions if needed

Needle threads pins if needed 

Plastic bags

Sun glasses

Camera if needed 


Light Rain jacket - umbrella if needed (we will let you know if we find out…)

Bathing suit 

Light Beachwear (kaftan) 



Light Socks for walking/hiking 





Two or 3 light pants

One or 2 skirts (optional) 

Two light dresses

Four light tops in cotton, linen or hemp

One undershirt

One warm Layer (sweater, fleece)

Travel “suit” = comfort on planes 

SHOES for summer 

WALKING shoes, light, sturdy 

Sandals for dresses 

Flip-flops for beach/spa 

We look forward to seeing you in Sorano soon!

Warmly, The Conference Team