Autumn: Equinox inspiration and reflection

Equilux and Equinox

Almost as an anniversary to August's amazing Eclipse, the day of the aequinoctium (in latin aequus = equal and nox = night) is upon us. Light and darkness will approximately be of equal duration all over the planet tilting the scale towards darkness at a rate of about three minutes a day till the Winter Solstice. In the northern latitudes, the world starts changing its wardrobe. 

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·      Facts: The autumn equinox 2017 arrives today, Friday, September 22, 2017 at 1:02 PM PDT (8:02 p.m. UTC), officially marking the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Read about the astronomy of this Equinox and Antares’ bright light

 and check the exact times worldwide

Harvest Festivals grace squares, plazas, fields and parks in many a village around the world, filled with songs, dances and bountiful food. Yet this moment of balance reminds us to celebrate the light as much as we celebrate the darkness.

Archetypically Equinoxes are a time of balance and invite us to remember the paradox of the two opposite realities co-existing around us and within us: birth and death. It is a time of “both/and”, in the terminology dear to SoulCollage®. It is a time of “not choosing”, of briefly allowing ourselves to take a breath on the verge of two worlds.

Persephone and Demeter, great heralds of the birth-death cycle in nature, are always present at Equinoxes. Take a moment to read about them and if you do not have one already create a SoulCollage® card or any other creative mandala or Zentangle® to remember their story. Their myth mirrors the cycle of planting and harvesting, but from a Jungian perspective it represents a symbolic expression of the journey our Ego is bound to undertake in order to harvest maturity and individuation from the deep personal unconscious. In a way, every time we take a step in our self-awareness the ego needs to dive into the mysteries of the unconscious and die a little bit in the process. Upon re-emerging, the ego experiences a layer of transformation and is in a way “reborn” into a new cycle.

The archetypal balance of Autumn lies in celebrating the bounty of Harvest while also being aware of endings. The smells of Winter are still remote, but we can already feel its breath. Fall is a time to honor the wisdom of aging, of harvesting the knowing acquired through living, it is a time to take stock and treasure experiences and anchor them deeply into the vaults of our soul.

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a SoulCollage® card

or a thought dedicated to an ancestor illuminates a tree...


Celebrate your successes and assess what you have learnt from your failures. Name those who passed since the last Autumn Equinox and send them a blessing that they may harvest the fruits of consciousness sowed during their time on earth. Rest before the demands of the next Season.

What can you do to honor the shift of Season during this weekend?

Celebrate by:

·      Creating an altar or a creative display with the flowers, fruits and vegetables of the season and if it is safe do light a candle or more in its center. You can make it as small and simple or as large and elaborate as you wish. You can do it for yourself, or you can invite friends to share some Fall foods with you and gather around your Harvest table.

·      Bringing blessings on the land around you, to express your gratitude for its sustenance. You can do it in your yard or take a walk to a park or a field nearby. Bring a cup of seeds for birds and squirrels to share the harvest with them as well as you bless the land.

·      Dancing to a favorite music, using your movement, your breath and your energy to participate in the joy of Harvest.

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Remember by:

·      Journaling about those who passed in the last 12 months, and for anyone else you love and miss. You can create a space where to display photographs if you wish, and keep enriching it until the Day of the Dead arrives in November. That is a day where we celebrate not only our loved ones, but also all our ancestors since the beginning of time.

·      Meditating on Balance, observe in nature, in your own actions, in the objects around you. Journal about it, take photographs that resonate with your sense of balance.

·      Creating a SoulCollage® card, do a readings with your own deck or with a divinatory deck of your choice to investigate what you need to do to nurture balance in your physical body, in your energy, in your soul, heart and spirit.

A suggestion for a SoulCollage® Autumn reading question:

Who helps me stay true to myself when I am under pressure?

You might start by journaling on:

·      What are my current stresses?

·      What tends to make me feel under pressure?

·      Do I “abandon” myself in those times? How?

·      Do I disconnect from my relationships when I feel under pressure? How?

·      What emotions do I experience when under pressure?

Then connect with your Neters (or with the deck you are using) and pull four cards to receive four answers to your question. Watch for suggestions, support, challenges, reminders, and even a bit of nudging and admonishment if necessary!

You can do this with a friend so you can scribe for each other, or you can journal or record yourself as you give voice to your cards.

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