Principles of SoulCollage®

SoulCollage® is a creative collage process for...

  • Self-discovery, self-acceptance, and personal empowerment.

  • Embracing one’s intuition and unique creativity.

  • Promoting inclusive, diverse, cooperative community for mutual encouragement.

    Those practicing SoulCollage®...

  • Create collaged cards that are meaningful to them.

  • May use the SoulCollage® structure of four suits plus Transpersonal cards to add wholeness to their


  • Use the I Am One Who... process to speak from the unique voice of each card.

  • Learn to recognize the individual “local story” in their cards and discover how this weaves into the

    collective’s “Larger Story.”

  • Understand that each card (each part of themselves) has a positive intent as well as a “shadow”


  • Understand the “One and the Many” dimensions of their SoulCollage® deck.

  • Consult their own cards by doing SoulCollage® Readings for themselves to guide them through their own

    life’s questions and decisions.

    SoulCollage® cards are for personal use only.

  • SoulCollage® cards are shared publicly only when sharing one’s own personal process.

  • SoulCollage® cards are not to be copied, sold, traded, or bartered.

  • SoulCollage® cards may only be copied by the card-maker to provide backup in case of loss. The

    SoulCollage® App may serve as this one digital back-up.

  • SoulCollage® is grateful to the artists and photographers who make this process possible. SoulCollage®

    seeks to be respectful of their rights under copyright law.

  • No one may read or interpret SoulCollage® cards for another person, only for one’s self.

    When sharing SoulCollage®...

  • Only trained Facilitators have permission to give workshops using the “SoulCollage®” trademark.

  • See the SoulCollage® FAQ for more information about terms for use of this legal trademark. This

    includes specific guidelines for blogs, websites, and social networking.

  • Learn how to become a SoulCollage® Facilitator here:

For more information about SoulCollage® see