BodΨnvocations™ digital CD – For the Joy of Being


BodΨnvocations™ digital CD – For the Joy of Being


BodΨnvocations™  is a program of 16 guided visualizations in motion, inspired by the Four Elements and by the universal cycles of being. They are accessible to everyone. Each speaks of our human experience and pulses with the heart of Nature, encouraging us to practice deep self-listening and to live within the holy dance of life with more joy.

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1. Introduction
2. Parable
3. Practical Suggestions
4. Spark, 5. Shimmer
6. Shape
7. Center
8. Presence
9. Mutuality
10. Delight
11. Encounter
12. Rebirth
13. Caring
14. Deepening
15. Return
16. Change
17. The Moment
18. Spaciousness
19. Freedom
20. BodΨnvocations™ in Music
21. Joy and a Prayer

The Genesis of BodΨnvocations

The inspiration for BodΨnvocations™ was born in a dream that woke me up in the middle of the night just in time to grab my notebook and jot down words and sketches. When I found my notes in the morning, I knew this was no ordinary dream, but rather a whole program that wanted to be brought to life. It was the Fall of 2010.

At the time of this dream, I had been pondering for a few weeks about the presentation I wished to propose to the planning committee for the 4th International SoulCollage® Facilitators Conference, and the deadline was rapidly approaching. After that night, it became obvious that the sequences of graceful basic movements shown in the dream were the heart of my presentation. Now my task was to understand and “dress” them with words and understanding so they could be

Introducing Movement into Workshops

The idea of creating a CD and asking my friend Miriam Goldberg to compose the music came later. At first I was only trying to grasp the relevance these movements could have for the SoulCollage® Facilitators attending the Conference. Having facilitated SoulCollage® for years, I was well aware that participants often express the desire to incorporate more movement into the hours of focused creativity required in card-making and in listening to each other during sharing times. There is indeed a lot of sitting in SoulCollage®, and not all Facilitators are comfortable in introducing movement during their workshops, especially if they do not have any specific training. These 16 sequences are easy and adaptable; they can be “collaged” depending on the mood one wishes to create, and they fit very well with the SoulCollage® philosophy. The more I practiced them and listened to the language of each movement, the more this idea made sense. So I crafted my proposal for the Conference to offer these “Dances of the Soul”, as I then called them then, as an adjunctive teaching tool and a fun personal practice of integration between imagination, intention, and movement.

BodΨnvocations™  Evolves

Although bringing these movements into the SoulCollage® world had been exciting enough for me, the Bod?nvocations™ themselves were not content to remain confined to this “teaching application.” More and more information came pouring in and the idea of music and a CD took shape. This project was becoming much larger than I had initially imagined yet I felt guided throughout each step, learning as I went. The text of the first CD went through several metamorphosis and eventually it became all about joy – hence the title, BodΨnvocations™ for the Joy of Being.