Private Consultation (55 min)

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Private Consultation (55 min)


Mariabruna offers 1:1 private consultations and mentorship sessions online.

This consultation session will last for 55 minutes. 

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Mariabruna Sirabella, LMFT 36481




Suggestions to enjoy a satisfactory online counseling experience.

I thank you for your interest in trying an online counseling session. I have been conducting them for several years now and both my clients and I find them very effective and convenient. Sometimes online interaction allows surprisingly intimate communication, from the comfort of your home.

But sometimes one’s home can be very distracting. There might be other family members in other parts of the house, the phone may ring, email messages may flash on your computer screen, and a pet may require your attention.

You deserve to dedicate your session time exclusively to yourself. In order to protect your privacy and your concentration, and take full advantage of the session’s benefit please consider embracing the following suggestions. 

Phones: make sure you silence your landline and your cell. 

If there is someone else in the house remind him or her that you are not available for an hour. Sometimes it is useful to tell them to imagine you are not in the house. 

If necessary lock the door. 

Take a few minutes for yourself before the start of the session. It is useful to have a transition time to tune out the stress of the day and focus on yourself. Or just to be in silence or to think about what you would like to focus on during the session. 

It might be useful to take a few transition/buffer minutes also at the end of the session.

If you enjoy lighting candles you might want to lit one to keep burning during the session. 

If you wish me to send you some notes from the session, please let me know. 

You may also wish to record the session, please inform me if you intend to do so. 

My Skype address is


But I recommend you download the platform and I will send you an invitation for each meeting. It is easy and free, and offers better quality and the possibility of recording the meetings, if you wish to do so.

Please be ready at the established time. If we start late because you were not online on time, we will still have to end the session on time. If we are late due to my responsibility I will make up the time for you.

If we have technical difficulties or the connection is not good enough we might turn off the video, and if that is not sufficient we will reschedule the remaining of the session. 

Some find the video distracting, so I let you choose what works best for you, as we have the option to use the audio only. 

Please email me if you have any questions: