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Shaped by Earth: Explore the Archetypes of Earth with SoulCollage®

  • St. Brigid’s Villa, Ignatius Jesuit Centre Guelph, ON CANADA (map)

Earth Invites Us to Fully Embrace Being Alive

The Element of Earth is full of wisdom about the challenges and the gifts of interfacing with the environment and with others while trying to harmoniously inhabit our own inner landscapes.

The exploration of the various facets of the Earth Element, the most familiar and most taken for granted, nourishes an experience of presence and interconnectedness, of delight and healing, and clarifies the demarcation between ourselves and all that is not “us”. Earth inspires us to say “yes” to life, to receive the nourishment we need, to feel the enchantment of nature and uphold clear and healthy boundaries.


During our time together you will encounter the Earth Orixas (qualities of Nature) through simple movements, narrative, journaling, SoulCollage®, and creativity. We are hosted in an organic landscape honouring sustainable practices in a place of peace. 

The archetypal forces of Nature are known in Africa and in the Americas as the Orixas and they are countless. Mariabruna has been exploring sixteen prominent Orixas, highlighting their universal appeal and the purpose they may serve in pursuing a Nature based spiritual practice devoid of outdated dogma. She has chosen to preserve the Yoruba term “Orixas” to honor their ancient origins.

Freed from cultish and cultural constraints, these Orixas reveal themselves as a paradigm for deepening self- knowledge and a sense of belonging in nature, and for supporting ethical choices. She is calling them “Matrix Archetypes” because of their closeness to Source. 

This workshop is part of the “Way of the Orixas” Curriculum and it is open to everyone.

What to bring:

If you are driving: lunch and snacks if you need to munch in between meals, water bottle, your scissors, a glue stick, any favorite color pencils, pastels or crayons you have, any magazine you are willing to share, any image of earth aspects you might have already saved; your pen and journal.

If you are flying let us know and we will make sure you will find all you need here. Wear comfortable work clothing and bring a shawl if you like to work on the floor. Wear shoes good enough for being in the country.

Materials provided:

Blank SoulCollage® cards and clear bags, drawing paper or other drawing surface; collage images, magazines, colored tissue paper, white glue. 
Tea and nuts will be available.