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"What Now?" A Turn Of The Spiral: A Master Workshop in Holland

Working with intention towards our growing edge using our SoulCollage® decks.

“What Now?” is an invitation to explore the “growing edge” that is calling you at this time – and use the wisdom of your Neters to nudge the transformation you desire and investigate the deep calls of your soul.

Life evolves in a spiraling motion. We can see it in nature and we can feel it in our souls and personalities, where we encounter over and over the same “growing edges” but every time at a new layer of our Life Spiral.

During our sacred time together we will give ourselves and each other permission to be ‘in between’ one level of your Life Spiral and the next: the transition time between steps of growth and expansion.

This intensive workshop is an application of SoulCollage® that you can modify as needed for yourself and in your workshops. We will consult our decks and make both intentional and spontaneous new cards.

 Examples of “growing edges”:

·      A behavior you would like to change in yourself

·      Understand an aspect of yourself

·      Explore a decision you need to make

·      A perspective you would like to change within yourself

·      An attitude in yourself you would like to understand and transform

·      Something you would like to let go of or be freed from

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