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Burn No More

The historical memory of violent public burnings perpetrated against women and against those who followed Intuitive Ways of Knowing is in the DNA of women and men and is kept alive by any current similar perpetration.

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Burn No More is a collective Healing Ritual, dedicated to ourselves and performed on behalf of all those who have suffered and died in cruel and unjust ways, in the past and today. It is also a powerful opportunity to plant a seed of consciousness in the soul of those who inflict violence, past and present.

Our attention and intention has the power to heal and liberate the spirits of those who still linger in a limbo space, unable to shake themselves free of the trauma of their inane death. It helps us to acknowledge and transform the fear that has been instilled in all those that are not ready to conform with the dominant ideology, and give us an opportunity to offer a compassionate wake up call to those who are blindly in the grip of their need to control.

We will use the symbolic power of images to invite the presence of those ready to communicate with us, and apply SoulCollage®’s Principles in order to let the images speak to us.

This event always takes place at this time of year, as near as possible to Halloween and All Saints Day, and the Day of the Dead – a time when the veil between the visible and the invisible is thinner. For scheduling reasons, this year it will take place on 11/12. The intention and the schedule remain the same, year after year, but the content always changes as we each bring something new and different every time. 

BNM takes place at a farm in Corralitos, you will receive directions upon registering. 

**Please arrive at least 10 minutes early, we will start on time.

A participant from 2015 wrote: 

"The ritual last night was deeply transformative. Opening with a drumming circle in the pavilion, then a dry smudging and procession to the fire with candles, herbs and water bowls, to continue drumming while the fire was lit. As the voices of those past spoke, the coyotes started howling in the hills and the fire flared. We released a group sacred cry to the universe to send a healing message through time to shift all persecution and bring enlightenment. I still get chills to remember it. We blessed our wombs and the womb of humanity as places of joy, creativity, and new life. And we drummed, danced, and sang many songs together: "Our wisdom cannot be lost and our spirits cannot be broken.The stars were magnificent and as we were leaving the moon was rising."


2:00pm-9:00pm. A personal healing time facilitated by guided visualizations and a shamanic journey. We will visit together the elements that constitute a Healing Ritual. This will help us prepare to enter into ritual together for the benefit of those who have been burnt at the stake way back in time until our present day. There are limited spaces available for this event.

At 6:15pm we will take a break and start a fire outdoors if the weather permits.
7:15-8:30pm the ritual takes place. 
8:30- 9:00 we will gather around a warm drink to debrief before we part.


Please bring a candle, shawl, journal; also a drum or rattle if you have one (optional). Read more details in the registration page. . 


The fee for the workshop is $85.00. You will receive directions upon registration.  

To learn more about the history and what inspired me to offer this event check out this blog.