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The "Three Faces of Silence"©

  • Santa Sabina Retreat Center San Rafael California, USA (map)

An intimate exploration of the the Transpersonal Dimension and the three cards that have no Shadow: The Source, The SoulEssence, and The Witness. 

This popular Retreat explores the Three Faces of Silence© through poetry, images, music, connection to Nature, and above all the practice of silence. During this time we touch the mysterious dimension before and beyond Soul, the place of oneness our Spirit longs for, and from where we receive the constant flow of vital force and unconditional love. 

Give yourself the sacred pleasure to slow down, to feel, sense, and create in harmony with your Higher Self. During these days together we will practice listening to the call of the Transpersonal dimension, whose echo is always resonating in the depths of our Soul, awakening Spirit, as Seena would say. During our busy days, the presence of the Transpersonal easily escapes our awareness. Yet it is in that silence outside of time and form that the springboard of our existence can be found.

 If you wish to enter a sacred-time and a rhythm favorable to silence and regeneration of body and spirit, regardless of whether you follow a spiritual or religious path or not, you will find welcoming community in this Retreat.

Mariabruna's Witness - Transpersonal Card


This Retreat is not a didactic workshop; it is not aimed at “teaching” but rather at “experiencing being with”, in juxtaposition to the continuous “doing” of life’s demands. If you wish to enter a sacred-time and a rhythm favorable to silence and regeneration of body and spirit, regardless of whether you follow a spiritual or religious path or not, you will find welcoming community in this Retreat.

Since its start, this program has been inspired by the custom, shared by many mystical paths, to “retreat” at least once a year to commune with one’s spiritual dimension without distractions – not even the distraction of conversation. In SoulCollage® tradition, creativity and imagination will accompany us in the silence and during the group sharing that will open and close the Retreat.

For both Seena and I, as well as for the participants, one of the great joys of this Retreat has been sharing this “time out of time” and the reverence for the mystery with participants from all kind of spiritual and religious backgrounds, as well as with those that have none. Being in ceremony together has brought a sense of shared humanity that is unforgettable.

This ecumenical sense of coming together in the Mystery of the universal laws, in the "oceanic feelings" they inspire, above and beyond any specific creed, but with great respect and honoring of each other and each others’ beliefs, has been the greatest reward of facilitating this program, which often makes me feel as if Indra's Net is abuzz with light. 

The Source, the name Seena Frost has given to the unnamable, omnipresent, infinite One, the Totality many of us perceive as divine, is described beautifully in the SoulCollage® book, along with the SoulEssence (the fragment of the Source within us), and the Witness (that unique human ability to perceive the SoulEssence as the compassionate observer of our inner development).  These cards represent an energy that is not bound by time or space: their voice being that of Silence they are not used for consultation. They can be used for contemplation and remembrance of our quintessentially infinite and divine nature.

Tuition, accommodation (3 nights) and 9 meals at Santa Sabina Spiritual Center:

Commuter: Early Bird: $514 - Regular Fee: $594

Shared room: Early Bird: $610 -  Regular fee: $690

Single room:  Early Bird: $670 - Regular Fee: $750

The store on this website calls the early Bird option a "sale", please do not be put off by that word!

Santa Sabina Retreat Center

Every year SoulCollage® Facilitators and experienced SoulCollagers gather at Santa Sabina Retreat Center to benefit from the wisdom of their SoulCollage® decks. Every year Mariabruna introduces a new theme to use as a portal to explore different aspects of the Soul.

Facilitators find inspiration for their own workshop and group offerings and everyone has an opportunity to deepen their SoulCollage® experience and personal practice.

Mariabruna creates a firm container that allows relevant soul work in a safe and warm atmosphere. She gently guides each participant to personally access insightful inner content. The synergy of the group is experienced by participants as stimulating and supportive.

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