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Drums of Fire

  • 172 Litchfield Lane Watsonville, CA, 95076 United States (map)

Our relationship with Fire determines many aspects of our daily life. It fuels our passions and sustains our motivation in pursuing them. It helps us feel vibrant, alive, effective, engaged. It teaches us to harmonize our creative impulses and to reach a satisfactory result.

Fire is constantly at work supporting the incessant churning of creation, it is responsible for “impulsing” every new cell and particle into being and for organizing their function in the service of life. The macrocosm and the microcosm owe their existence and their constant renewal to Fire. So does our creativity in each of its expressions.

To communicate with the invisible worlds inside and outside of us and to commune with and learn from the Fire Element, in this workshop we adopt the timeless practice of attuning to sound and vibration with the help of shamanic drumming and journeying. 

During this workshop we will explore our Fire through drumming, sounding, imagination, creativity, and intuition with the intent of discovering, harmonizing and deepening our relationship with “beginnings”, with our creative libido, with our capacity to sustain our creativity and to organize it in pleasurable ways, and also with the gift of completing what we have started so that the cycle may start again without undue blockages.

The Element of Fire is often said to be the first one sprouting from the Undivided Source at the origin of the Universe. It sparked the primordial elements into motion. In time, from that explosive chaos rich with potentialities, the cosmic spheres came into being. Creation continued its evolution and what we see in ourselves and around us is the product of this long, yet continuous, journey into becoming. The main four archetypal Intelligences that pulsate within this Element trace the entire process of creation. Its steps are at the root of any creative impulse; they are the direction creativity takes, its shape and eventually its fulfillment.

This is true for every thought we have and every action we undertake, regardless if the hoped-for final “product” is dinner, a task, a book, a trip or a sculpture. It was true at our physical birth and it is true in every transformational step we take.

During our time together you will meet the primordial faces of Fire in guided journeys, simple movements, journaling and SoulCollage® (card making, consultations and other exercises) and track the thread most relevant to you. You might revisit your birth, reawaken the inspiration for a project, reclaim your motivation, rekindle your passion, and encourage creativity in your daily life. And you will learn how one can “see” through the lenses of Fire.

During this first segment of the Way of Sound we also address the basic skills of shamanic drum journeying and explore sounds that align us on the axis between sky and earth - all within the frame of the Four Intelligences (Yeuas) of Fire. These foundation techniques are shared experientially to help us enliven our sacred inner space, and meet or reconnect with our Mentor Spirits and our Spiritual Tribe – who may appear in animal, human, anthropomorphized or ancestral form.

No previous experience is necessary, this workshop is an introduction for those less familiar with shamanic practices and worldview, and is an opportunity to enhance and deepen the practice for the more experienced seekers who wish to dive deeply into their personal relationship with the Fire Element.

Space is limited; enroll as soon as your intuition tells you that you need to be with us.

Bring your drum and/or rattle if you have one. Bring a special shawl, scarf or necklace.

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The Way of Sound

and the Four Elements

The Way of Sound includes four levels all addressing evolving uses of tools and practices such as shamanic drumming, flute singing, sounds, poetry and vibration. This aspect of SOTO is a path of self-healing and expansion, a bridge between the visible world of our ordinary reality and the invisible world of spirit, it is about inner silence and finding one’s own inner song, and eventually it may become a path of service for those called to help others through these tools. The drum and sound practices are based on indigenous teachings and personal experiences, linked to the Four Elements and informed by what has been recently called a Paleolithic and shamanic worldview of intimate interconnectedness with the sacred rhythms of nature. These are tools to help us reach for the archetypal, collective, transpersonal spiritual gifts awaiting our availability to be manifested into the world.

One of the fundamental tenets of the shamanic worldview, and one that serves the development of a new spirituality and can help us live by the paradigm we are called to co-create and embrace in this time of great change, is that everyone may find, through tools adjustable once mastered, his or her authentic and unique way to be, to live, to contribute, to empower self and others, and to communicate with spirit. The true “shaman’s work” of these times is founded on self-responsibility, self-inquiry, self-mastery, and self-accountability. It is based on authenticity, humbleness, awareness, respect, interconnectedness and service.

We serve first of all by aligning ourselves to our true nature, and then we may help others do the same, by the sheer resonance of our presence, or by service, or healing work. The "shaman" is keenly aware that all humans are a bridge between the visible and the invisible and that every action thought or word spoken reverberates throughout creation and beyond. Therefore the contemporary shaman places her/his work at the service of Life and puts his/her life work, and the capabilities of the human body-mind-spirit complex, at the service of evolution, of community, for the preservation of the Nature we know and love.

The Way of Sound main pathways:

(Level 1, Protected by Fire): Drums of Fire

(Level 2, Embraced by Earth): Drums of the Heart

(Level 3, Nourished by Water): Waves and Drums

(Level 4, Empowered by Air): Drums with Wings