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Earth and Air: The Roots and Wings of Dreams

  • Heritage Center, near Pa’ia, Maui, HI (map)

Earth and Air: The Roots and Wings of Dreams

In this School of the Origins™ workshop, we will explore the archetypal qualities of Earth and Air and integrate their gifts into our daily lives through guided approaches to deep play, creativity, and movement. 

Participants will learn and practice the following healing and creative processes:  

  • Simple yet profound movements to learn and feel how Air and Earth live in each of us
  • SoulCollage® and other intuitive, creative techniques that enable dialogue with the Yeuàs
  • Access to deep play, imagination, and intuition that can give Roots and Wings to a Dream
  • Expansion of and sharing of the inner wisdom in each of us through images and words  

EARTH: The Roots of Dreams

Earth encompasses the experience of being alive, from interfacing with the environment and with others to harmoniously inhabiting our inner personal landscapes. The exploration of its various facets, familiar and yet often taken for granted, nourishes a sense of presence, delight, healing, and interconnectedness, and clarifies the demarcation between ourselves and the “other.” It is from the quality of Earth that our dreams can take root and be nourished.

AIR: The Wings of Dreams

The quality of Air invites us to befriend change, understand our relationship with time, cultivate simplicity, and find freedom in the expression of our essential nature. Entering the rarefied yet life-giving field of Air strengthens the wings of dreams, both practically and spiritually. Developing a deeper intimacy with Air expands heart and soul, from the uniquely personal field all the way to the Transpersonal dimension. 

This workshop includes: 

  • An evocative exploration of Earth’s and Air’s symbolic, cross-cultural meaning 
  • A framework and practice that enables each of us to discover how these elemental energies apply to and enrich our daily lives
  • Dedicated, guided time to play, create and share our experiences as we explore the qualities of Earth & Air

More on the School of the Origins:

The forces of Nature are known in Africa and in the Americas as the Orixas. For almost 2 decades, I have been exploring sixteen forces of Nature and deepening my understanding of their universal appeal and the purpose they can serve in pursuing a Nature-based spiritual practice free from institutionalized religious dogma. As the work evolved, it became necessary to change their names to honor the archetypal point of view embraced by SOTO, and to open these natural Intelligences to a comprehensive, cross-cultural exploration. The 16 Intelligences are now called Yeuàs, and their new names are simple sounds evocative of their vibratory quality and of their position in the Wheel of Life. 

Freed from cultish and cultural constraints, the Yeuàs reveal themselves as a paradigm for deepening self-knowledge and a sense of belonging in nature, and for supporting ethical choices based on deeply held personal values. They are known as “Matrix Archetypes” because of their closeness to Source. My CD “BodYnvocations” is the product of well over a decade-long course of experimentation and offers a simple yet effective movement practice related to the 16 chosen natural qualities explored and honored by the School Of The Origins.

This workshop is part of the “Way of the Nature” Curriculum and is open to everyone.

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