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Annual SoulCollage® Winter Retreat: Prayer

  • Santa Sabina Retreat Center 5, Magnolia Street San Rafael, California USA (map)

Rooms at Santa Sabina Center are sold out.

It is only possible to sign up as a commuter. If you do not live nearby we recommend using AirBNB to find a close by location, or look at for discounted hotels. You will have to either take a cab/Uber or drive to the Center.

There are as many ways of "praying" as there are hearts reaching out to the Mystery. 

Prayer itself is a mysterious, sacred, universal, and powerful impulse of the soul, compelled to reach for what is lovingly much larger than itself - to find comfort, express joy and gratitude, or simply converse with the divine. 

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Prayers is sometimes shaped by words, sometimes carried through silence. Some people pray through song, dance, or music. Some people pray but do not know they do. Some send prayers to a beloved God or Goddess, some release their heart longings into the void, some don't know where their prayers might go, but they pray anyway. Some read from scriptures, some write their own prayers. Some walk in nature and listen. 

We gather to enter the amazing field of prayer together, not to find answers or definitions, but to experience ways of praying, and to bring awareness to the unique way/s we pray. Most of all we come together to hold each other in silence and in sharing, to meet each other through our images and through our words, to create a meditative, devotional and sacred field that will enrich us all.  

It does not matter if you have a spiritual or a religious tradition or not. It does not matter if your prayer is called with a different name, perhaps meditation, or drumming, or reflection on Scriptures. If your heart feels that impulse, join us in the silence and in the sacred sharing in the tranquil and deep holding of Santa Sabina, and see what you discover, and what your SoulCollage® cards will reveal. 

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What I am learning about prayer...: A while ago I sat for a very long time next to the Western Wall in Old Jerusalem. I made my mind as silent as I could and I observed, received, felt and absorbed. The Wall is about prayer, more than any other location I ever visited. Pilgrims pray in whispers, but they pray with their bodies without knowing it. There were people from all over the world, Christians, Jewish, Hindus...non believers... tourists... each one in that moment of intimacy with the Wall expressed something about their way of praying through their body. The twitching of the shoulders, the tilt of the neck, the breathing, the sobs, the smiles, but most of all I was touched by the deepening of presence - more palpable by every passing minute. I was deeply moved by the diversity of people, all strangers to each other, yet united in a mysterious powerful way that created a field of sacredness in the midst of the chaos that is Temple Mount. I didn't have anything to ask or say in those hours of stillness, I prayed with my breath. I hope you will join us in this learning.  

Fee includes: Tuition, accommodation (3 nights) and 9 meals at Santa Sabina Spiritual Center. 

Commuter: $630

Shared room: $720

Single room: $780

Our Cancellation Policy

A full refund, less a $75 processing fee, is given if the cancellation is received a month before the event. This processing fee applies to all payments, whether a deposit or a payment in full.

No refund or credit is given for cancellations after that deadline, if you fail to attend, or if you leave the event early, or if you become ill, unless someone is able to take your place at short notice.

Santa Sabina Retreat Center

Every year SoulCollage® Facilitators and experienced SoulCollagers gather at Santa Sabina Retreat Center to benefit from the wisdom of their SoulCollage® decks. Every year Mariabruna introduces a new theme to use as a portal to explore different aspects of the Soul.

Facilitators find inspiration for their own workshop and group offerings and everyone has an opportunity to deepen their SoulCollage® experience and personal practice.

Mariabruna creates a firm container that allows relevant soul work in a safe and warm atmosphere. She gently guides each participant to personally access insightful inner content. The synergy of the group is experienced by participants as stimulating and supportive.