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Let's talk about Love - Annual SoulCollage® Winter Retreat

  • Santa Sabina Spiritual Center San Rafael, CA United States (map)

Let’s talk about Love

“Harvest the Love of your Neters”

It has been said, written, and sung. Also danced, painted, and sculpted.

Love is the breath of the universe. 

An indefinable omnipresent current keeps the universe together,

interconnected, alive, and evolving.

Some, feeling its unmistakable presence, called it Ether, or the Fifth Element.

I call that force Love.


Love has many faces, flavors, and songs. If we open up to them, beyond and above stereotypes and expectations, we may discover and gather it from surprising places.

Under the “right” circumstances, moments of disconnect from the presence of Love could happen to anyone. And in those moments we simply forget and cannot hear what every cell whispers deep down in the crevices of our being:

You wouldn’t be alive if there weren’t enough Love to keep you here.

Love is hidden in plain sight within every single SoulCollage® card we create. Every Neter appearing in our deck has an evolutionary intention, even when it is presented through a challenge. Our cards wish us to acknowledge, honor, use, or transform an aspect of our self. They also invite us to Love and to receive their Love.

Mariabruna invites you to explore your Neters’ deep springs of Love and use them to illuminate experiences, from personal needs to spiritual longings. Her prompts draw also from the deep connection Love has with the profound archetypal facets of the Four Elements. Inspired by their presence, you will follow your own thread, harvest love from your deck and engage in pertinent dialog with your cards. You will also make cards to anchor the gifts and remember them in future moments of need.


 During the Retreat you will:

·      Explore the facets of Love

·      Expand your awareness of its presence in your deck and in the world

·      Harvest love from your Neters through consultations of your deck

·      Create new cards to anchor the salient steps of this journey

·      Acquire tools for self care through the love that surrounds you

·      Enjoy exploring and creating along with a soul minded community

schedules, details, and prices

To fully participate in this Retreat, you must have started creating and voicing your SoulCollage® cards. This article may remind you of the main principles; and this blog explores more in depth the theme of this year.

What to bring besides all your personal materials/luggage:

The Bay Area weather is unpredictable, so pack in layers, bring your walking shoes and slip-ons for getting in and out of the meeting room.

  • Your SoulCollage deck in physical or digital form

  • Journal and pen

  • A small object you love

  • Socks if your feet tend to get cold

  • A shawl for those unpredictable shifts in temperature (and visualization time)

  • Travel clock to get up on time

  • Your favorite scissors and glue (optional)

  • A few magazines or loose images to donate to the group (optional)

  • Any special food/snack you absolutely need

  • Anything else that makes you comfortable

At the workshop there will be blank cards and clear sleeves available as well as plenty of images and magazines.

Travel Information

Santa Sabina address: 25 Magnolia Avenue., San Rafael, CA (415) 457-7727.

Please do not call the Retreat Center for room assignments; we are in charge of that.

If you are flying in and wish to share a ride form the airport, please let us know and we will try to connect you with others with the same need, so you can correspond independently about commuting together from and to the airport.

Check In, Registration, and other Information

·      Check in and Registration starts at 3:30 pm Friday.

We are in charge of the registration, not SSC staff and we will be waiting for you in the little room next to the main entrance door.

·      Check out time from your room is 2:00 pm on Sunday.

·      We are required to strip and remake your beds upon leaving

·      There is a $25/hour fee for arrival/departure earlier or later than the scheduled time.

No smoking is permitted on the land.

Since we share the facility with a group who always practice silence, we will refrain from speaking outside our meeting room.

Meal Schedule (may slightly change depending on the kitchen’s needs):

Meals are spent in silence (with the alternative of eating in the meeting room).

Breakfast-  8:10-9:00

Lunch- 12:00-1:00 

Dinner- 6:10-7:00 

 Fresh brewed coffee is provided in the morning hours, and instant hot beverages will be available throughout the day.


3:30    Registration

4:30    Retreat begins

6 :10   Dinner


7:30    Morning centering (optional)

8:10    Breakfast

9:15    Retreat time

12:00 Lunch

3-5      Creative and rest time

5:00    Retreat time

6:10    Dinner

8:00    Closing of the day


7:30    Morning centering (optional)

8:10    Breakfast

9:00    Retreat time

11:30 Closing ceremony

12:00 Lunch and networking.


Fee includes: Tuition, accommodation (3 nights) and 9 meals at Santa Sabina Spiritual Center. 

Commuter: $640

Shared room: $730

Single room: $790

Our Cancellation Policy

Early Bird receive $50 off the chosen accommodation if paid by September 18, 2019.

A full refund, less a $75 processing fee, is given if the cancellation is received a month before the event. This processing fee applies to all payments, whether a deposit or a payment in full.

No refund or credit is given for cancellations after that deadline, if you fail to attend, or if you leave the event early, or if you become ill, unless someone is able to take your place at short notice.


Santa Sabina Retreat Center

Every year SoulCollage® Facilitators and experienced SoulCollagers gather at Santa Sabina Retreat Center to benefit from the wisdom of their SoulCollage® decks. Every year Mariabruna introduces a new theme to use as a portal to explore different aspects of the Soul.

Facilitators find inspiration for their own workshop and group offerings and everyone has an opportunity to deepen their SoulCollage® experience and personal practice.

Mariabruna creates a firm container that allows relevant soul work in a safe and warm atmosphere. She gently guides each participant to personally access insightful inner content. The synergy of the group is experienced by participants as stimulating and supportive.