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Invite Your Daemons to Tea: A SoulCollage® Retreat on the "Shadow"


Are you interested in experiencing more peace? Would you like to feel more emotional freedom, lightness of being, and a sense of inner coherence? C. G. Jung teaches that an efficient way to make progress towards the above goals and towards maturation and individuation is to integrate aspects of our personal Shadow.  The SoulCollage® method is an ideal avenue to explore the interplay of Light and Shadow in a safe, creative, playful, personalized and effective way. Discover the Light in unexpected corners of yourself, and befriend challenging aspects of your life in this in-depth workshop designed to explore Shadow with loving and clear eyes in a supportive and inspiring environment.

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Carl Jung warned us that in Shadow we would discover gold. In spite of the natural ego resistance to look into the deep cauldron, gold is exactly what awaits us down there.

Creative time consists of collaging small SoulCollage® cards, giving them voice (gestalting them) and then consulting them in dyads and small groups by posing relevant questions. Everyone interested in befriending the Shadow is welcome, although a basic theoretical knowledge of the SoulCollage® method is required and will prove very helpful.