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2021 SoulCollage® International Facilitator Conference in ITALY

  • Hotel Sorano Terme Sorano, (GR) Italy (map)

The Summer Solstice: Rituals and Tradition

The Conference is open only to SoulCollage® Facilitators

New Experience, New Excursions, Same Location!

Following the success of the 2019 International SoulCollage® Facilitator Summer Solstice Conference, we decided to recreate the magic again in 2021. Plans are just underway and details will continue to pour in during the coming year…stay tuned.

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For more information about the beautiful venue for the Conference you can visit the homepage of the Sorano Terme Residence .

We'll spend a week

* diving into our SoulCollage® deck

* learning new ways to work with our Neters

* creating new cards

* participating in small groups activities

* enjoying plenary activities


* discovering the beauty of our surroundings

* celebrating the Solstice in more than one sacred and special way

* exploring sacred time

* rejuvenating body and soul with the help of healing waters in the natural hot springs

* and much more.

Keynote Speakers: To be announced

Pathways : To be announced

This is the third International SoulCollage®Conference held in Italy. Different, and yet emulating the others, it will be a unique experience blending personal insights and playful creative work. The journey into oneself is enriched by the surrounding natural beauty, the culture, the international flavor of the event, and the culinary delights of this special corner of Italy.

This International Facilitator Conference in the south of Tuscany will be hosted at the garden spa resort of Sorano Terme. Just crossing the gate into the resort’s grounds evokes a sense of vacation. But once you walk along the patios of the pleasant townhouses, one of which will be your home, admire the manicured gardens, stroll past the inviting thermal pools and move towards the woods that embrace the resort, you are on ancient sacred ground. By the 14th century, if not earlier, these grounds were inhabited by monks and hermits gathered around the little parish chapel of Santa Maria dell’Aquila (St. Mary of the Eagle). But before then they were home to ancient cults of the Waters.


The history of this little geographical gem is in itself fascinating. It tells of the power of passion and the determination to bring back to life ancient walls that had been buried under a telluric movement of the land and were forgotten for centuries, but are now ready to welcome our gathering. It is a testament to how the love for healing waters led one man to restore the hidden springs and make their gifts available to us once again. But let me stop here! You will learn more details once we are all there together.


Come to enjoy, to share, to connect, to play, to learn, to receive the healing power of these powerful thermal waters. Come to enjoy the good company and share healthy local food. Come to rest, to create, to expand your sense of being in this welcoming natural setting.

The SoulCollage® Conference fee will include a welcome kit and supplies throughout the week, 7 nights in a room with garden or balcony, kitchenette and bathroom, three beautiful buffet meals each day (beverages are not included), two excursions (NEW) , and participation in one of the Conference Pathways. It also includes access to the Hot Springs with the amenities of caps, robes, lockers and showers, free parking for those driving, and WiFi.

We are adopting again the successful formula of the previous Italian conferences.

We will honor together the Summer Solstice with the support of our SoulCollage® cards, entering into the timeless rhythms of celebrations that continue uninterrupted (although changed) since Etruscan times, perhaps even since before. Permission from the local Bishop to enter the cathedral of Sovana before sunrise to witness the magic of the first ray of the Solstice sun penetrate the walls through a narrow gap is expected for the early 2021.

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Conference Organizers: Mariabruna Sirabella is the Conference Caller, and it’s Executive Director is Laura Pieretti. Rivkah Unland is the Executive Secretary and Registrar, contact her at scitaly2016 @ for questions about registration (copy and paste this email address and eliminate the spaces around the @ - we do so to avoid “address harvesting”).

If you come alone, you will not lack good company! If you come with a Facilitator friend you may save and share a room in the apartment (every apartment either has a balcony or a patio, a kitchen and a living space). Or you may bring a family member, a friend or a partner who is not a Facilitator and share the room. If you are interested in coming with a non-Facilitator you can later indicate that on your registration form. You will be sent an invoice to pay for them separately.

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Mariabruna Sirabella, MS, LMFT, has been a SoulCollage® Trainer since 2007, but has been a Neter fan since 1996 when she first met Seena Frost and made her first card. She has co-facilitated with Seena for years, and offered SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings and workshops all over the world. She also applied SoulCollage® in her psychotherapy practice and in the graduate courses she taught at JFKU and Wisdom University, and collaborated in the organization of all the International SoulCollage®Conferences. Currently she is mentoring new Trainers and coordinates the translations of SoulCollage® products and materials. Her CDs include: "Making Mandolas: Embrace conflict with SoulCollage®”; BodYnvocations; and the Italian translation of Seena’s Introduction to SoulCollage®.

Sharing of the last Conference 2020:

Thanks to Dolphin JS Yip :

“ A little sharing about the Soulcollage®️ Int’l Facilitators Conference in Italy. I found it not easy to capture the essence of this unique journey with words as most feelings were unspeakable and is still processing deeply within me. This experience has been very special and new inspirations keeps flowing through me even after coming back to Hong Kong for almost a week. Thanks for all the beautiful (and some are challenging 😆) synchronicities starting from the moment I did packing at home and along the whole journey - I didn’t plan but turn out going through a miracle transformation inside out in the past week. After all, it makes a lot of sense as it’s a Soulcollage®️ + TransformationGame journey, how could it be not miraculous? “

The conference was hosted at a special time of the year - Summer Solstice, the best time to harvest during the year in both Tuscan and Chinese traditions. Walking the Labyrinth at the evening was an unforgettable experience of letting go my past and be an empty cup to receive and harvest. The next following day, we are blessed to be part of a graceful ritual of Summer Solstice in an ancient church and with the guidance of teacher Mariabruna, we were able to harvest the “Fullest of Life” through working with our precious Soulcollage®️ Neters when the first sun ray of Summer Solstice arrived.

The transformation game path caught me and it’s beautifully alchemized with Soulcollage®️. During daytime, we played the game with both tears and laughters. While in the evening after the therapeutic hot-spring, inspirations overflowing like a fountain and I kept making cards that surprised me. Among those, my SoulWarrior “Resilience” Neter brings me enduring strength and courage; and the “Netvigator” Neter reminds me don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the life journey, enjoy and trust the process as we are all being taken good care of. Although it was not my first time to play the game, the whole experience was unexpectedly inspiring and just right for me at this challenging moment of my life, especially with a sisterhood/brotherhood filled with love, compassion and a strong desire to grow at all levels hand in hand along the soul journey. It’s the unique qualities of our community made it so different.

During the week, tears wet my eyes many times as I was soooo moved by the loving, gifted and authentic circle around us. Facilitators from around the world get together to compare notes, exchange insights and most importantly to experience self+group transformation together, in a very open and supportive way. Our exchanges were beyond languages, cultures, forms, words, time and space but with one single mission. We are here to make the change. I knew this is what Soulcollage®️ attracts me at the very beginning and it deepens through every encounters.

At this difficult time of many parts of the world and my own city, I deeply echoed with what President Kylea had pointed out - we are under a revolution, a Quiet Revolution of uplifting Human Consciousness towards Inner Wisdom, Compassion and Love. A revolution with paper, glue sticks, scissors and magazines image ... it’s quiet yet deepest, most powerful and long lasting. We are here to make this change. “