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Drums of The Heart/Earth

  • LIVE EARTH FARM 172 Litchfield Lane Watsonville, CA, 95076 United States (map)

Drums of the Heart: Experiential cross-cultural shamanism inspired by the Four Intelligences of the Earth Element

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During this Intensive we explore our Earth through drumming, sounding, imagination, creativity, and intuition with the intent of discovering, harmonizing and deepening our sense of interconnectedness with our environment and fellow beings (people, plants and animals).

This is the second level of the Way of the Sound Pathway - dedicated to the Earth Element. Earth invites us to embrace life without reservations, in harmony with the environment and with others. It speaks about healing, clarity and discrimination, it teaches us about boundaries.

Earth wants us to live every day with presence, connectedness and awareness. By integrating its teachings we become more aware of the many layers of our human reality.

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The purpose of these experiences is to revitalize our inner sacred space, and to meet the Protective Spirits and the "Spiritual Tribe" that accompany us. They may appear in animal, human, anthropomorphic or ancestral form.

The use of the drum and other practices are based on indigenous teachings and Mariabruna’s personal experiences related to the Four Elements and are influenced by a "Paleolithic" and shamanic world view based on the intimate interconnection with the sacred rhythms of nature. These techniques help us receive the gifts of archetypal, collective, spiritual, and transpersonal dimensions that await our availability to manifest themselves in the world.

One of the fundamental tenets of the shamanic worldview, and one that serves the development of a new spirituality and can help us live by the paradigm we are called to co-create and embrace in this time of great change, is that everyone may find, through tools adjustable once mastered, his or her authentic and unique way to be, to live, to contribute, to empower self and others, and to communicate with spirit. The true “shaman’s work” of these times is founded on self-responsibility, self-inquiry, self-mastery, and self-accountability. It is based on authenticity, humbleness, awareness, respect, interconnectedness and service.

We serve first of all by aligning ourselves to our true nature, and then we may help others do the same, by the sheer resonance of our presence, or by service, or healing work. The "shaman" is keenly aware that all humans are a bridge between the visible and the invisible and that every action thought or word spoken reverberates throughout creation and beyond. Therefore the contemporary shaman places her/his work at the service of Life and puts his/her life work, and the capabilities of the human body-mind-spirit complex, at the service of evolution, of community, for the preservation of the Nature we know and love.

No previous experience is necessary to participate at this 2nd level, this Intensive may serve as an introduction for those less familiar with shamanic practices and worldview, and is an opportunity to enhance and deepen their practice for the more experienced seekers who wish to dive deeply into their personal relationship with the Four Intelligences of Earth.

Please remember that only those who have participated at the Drums of Fire and/or at the Drums of the Heart may attend the following two levels dedicated to Water and Air.

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The 4 levels of the Way of Sound are a path of self-healing and expansion of consciousness. The practices are a bridge between the visible world of our ordinary reality and the invisible world of the spirit, inviting us to the inner silence where we can find our "song" and hear the "call" to share our “medicine” with the world.

Space is limited to 12 participants.

Intensive fee: $450 not including food and lodging.

What to bring: pen and notebook. If you like, add your scissors and your favorite glue; a drum if you have one, or another instrument like a rattle or flute; a special shawl, scarf or necklace; and a small pouch you might wear around your neck. Dress up comfortably to move, sit on the ground, and walk.

You will find: blank cards for SoulCollage®; images and magazines; some scissors and some drums to share.

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SOTO – The School Of The Origins

The School of the Origins turns to Nature as a source of information and wisdom, both practically and metaphorically. It is organized in four main pathways: The Way of NatureThe Way of Imagination, The Way of Sound, and the Way of Ritual.  
The Four Elements are universal, ancient, cross cultural archetypes. In SOTO each element is expressed through four qualities, which we refer to as “the Intelligences” or Yeuàs. Ancient and modern traditions call them by different names and offer their own interpretation. SOTO embraces 16 main Intelligences. The Wheel of Life that comprises them is a cosmological map, a prismatic lens one may choose to use as an aid for creative expression, self- understanding, and spiritual exploration. Examining the interactive relationship of these Intelligences of Nature we notice that they reproduce themselves in the universe at infinity, like fractals. They reflect and infuse internal and external experiences. Easily recognizable in nature, they are part of our daily life. Brining awareness to their presence and meeting them as mirrors of our inner nature help us feel the magic and the interconnectedness of all life and offer opportunities for clarity of intent and direction in our spiritual development.

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