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SoulCollage® International Facilitator Conference

  • Hotel Sorano Terme Sorano, (GR) Italy (map)

The Summer Solstice: Seasons, Cycles, and a Time of Fullness

The Conference will be conducted in English and is open only to SoulCollage® Facilitators

Details will continue to pour in…stay tuned. But the Pathways are ready to sign up for. Read below about the four inspiring choices this Conference offers. Click on the button if you would like updates sent to you as they become available.

Visit the homepage of the Sorano Terme Residence where the Conference will take place.

Your investment includes: tuition, room and board, two excursions and supplies (see below for complete details). There will be a shuttle from Fiumicino to Sorano at 2:00 p.m. on the 16th, as well as a return shuttle on the 23rd at 8:00 a.m. There will be a separate fee of US$60 for this service.

Please note that there are no more of single rooms available. We encourage you to share a room. They are spacious and comfortable. You may indicate your interest in a single room on the registration form and should single rooms become available they will be assigned as a first-come, first -served basis.

We'll spend a week

* diving into our SoulCollage® deck

* learning new ways to work with our Neters

* creating new cards

* discovering the beauty of our surroundings

* celebrating the Solstice in more than one sacred and special way

* exploring sacred time

* rejuvenating body and soul with the help of healing waters in the natural hot springs

* and much more.

Keynote Speakers: Kylea Taylor and Mariabruna Sirabella

Pathways Guides: Andrea Thüler, Carlo Amedeo Rayneri, Catherine Anderson, Judy Ann Foster

This is the second International SoulCollage®Conference held in Italy. Different and yet emulating the first one in some ways, it will be a unique experience blending personal insights and playful creative work. The journey into Seasons, Cycles and Fullness is enriched by the surrounding natural beauty, the culture, the international flavor of the event, and the culinary delights of this special corner of Italy.

This International Facilitator Conference in the south of Tuscany will be hosted at the garden spa resort of Sorano Terme. Just crossing the gate into the resort’s grounds evokes a sense of vacation. But once you walk along the patios of the pleasant townhouses, one of which will be your home, admire the manicured gardens, stroll past the inviting thermal pools and move towards the woods that embrace the resort, you are on ancient sacred ground. At a time, certainly by the 14th century, they were inhabited by monks and hermits gathered around the little parish chapel of Santa Maria dell’Aquila (St. Mary of the Eagle). But before them they were home to ancient cults of the Waters.


The history of this little geographical gem is in itself fascinating. It tells of the power of passion and determination to bring back to life ancient walls that buried under a telluric movement of the land were forgotten for centuries, but are now ready to welcome our gathering; it shows how the love for healing waters leads one man to restore hidden springs and make their gifts available to us once again. But let me stop here! You will learn more details once we are all there together.

Come to play, to learn, to receive the healing power of these powerful thermal waters. Come to enjoy the good company and share healthy local food, come to rest, to create, to expand your sense of being in this welcoming natural setting.

The SoulCollage® Conference fee will include a welcome kit and supplies through the week, 7 nights in a room with garden or balcony, kitchenette and bathroom, three beautiful buffet meals each day (beverages are not included), two excursions, and participation in one of the Conference Pathways. It also includes access to the Hot Springs with the amenities of caps, robes, lockers and showers, free parking for those driving, and WiFi.

We are adopting again the successful formula of the previous Italian conference. Each Pathway Circle, facilitated by a Guide, will meet as a group for several sessions during the Conference, and will join in the assembly during the Keynote presentations and other special moments.

We will honor together the Summer Solstice with the support of our SoulCollage® cards, entering into the timeless rhythms of celebrations that continue uninterrupted (although changed) since Etruscan times, perhaps even since before. We just received permission from the local Bishop to enter the cathedral of Sovana before sunrise to witness the magic of the first ray of the Solstice sun penetrate the walls through a narrow gap. Let’s hope the sky is clear that morning and that the Bishop doesn’t change his mind! This unique sacred moment is seldom visible to the public.

sunny solstice.jpg

If you are interested in receiving details about this event, and possibly attend simply fill out the update form above

Conference Organizers: Mariabruna Sirabella is the Conference Caller, and it’s Executive Director is Laura Pieretti. Rivkah Unland is the Executive Secretary and Registrar, contact her at scitaly2016 @ for questions about registration (copy and paste this email address and eliminate the spaces around the @ - we do so to avoid “address harvesting”).

If you come alone, you will not lack good company! If you come with a Facilitator friend you may save and share a room (they are spacious, and every apartment either has a balcony or a patio, a kitchen and a living space). Or you may bring a family member, a friend or a partner who is not a Facilitator and share the room. If you are interested in coming with a non-Facilitator (including room and board, the Solstice at the Cathedral, the visit at the Archeological park to meet the Etruscan Melusina, and the visit to the village of Pitigliano), you can indicate that on your registration form. You will be sent an invoice to pay for them separately.

Keynote Speakers’ Biographies

Kylea Taylor.jpg

Kylea Taylor, M.S., M.F.T., President of SoulCollage Inc., met Seena in her living room in 1998. She and husband Jim Schofield published Seena’s books, designed the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training with Seena, and created and the systems of support that are now in place for the international community of SoulCollage® Facilitators and SoulCollage® Trainers. As a therapist Kylea helps clients revitalize everyday life by integrating the meaning and extra-ordinary healing gifts of spiritual emergence, transpersonal experiences and personal paradigm shift phenomena. Kylea is a Senior Trainer in the Grof Transpersonal Training for Holotropic Breathwork® Practitioners and will be teaching a module on InnerEthics™ using SoulCollage® in Austria one week after this conference ends. She is the author of The Ethics of Caring, The Breathwork Experience, Considering Holotropic Breathwork™ and edited Exploring Holotropic Breathwork™.

new square mb.jpeg

Mariabruna Sirabella, MS, LMFT, has been a SoulCollage® Trainer since 2007, but has been a Neter fan since 1996 when she first met Seena Frost and made her first card. She has co-facilitated with Seena for years, and offered SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings and workshops all over the world. She also applied SoulCollage® in her psychotherapy practice and in the graduate courses she taught at JFKU and Wisdom University, and collaborated in the organization of all the International SoulCollage®Conferences. Currently she is mentoring new Trainers and coordinates the translations of SoulCollage® products and materials. Her CDs include: "Making Mandolas: Embrace conflict with SoulCollage®”; BodYnvocations; and the Italian translation of Seena’s Introduction to SoulCollage®.

Pathway Guides’ Biographies

andrea thuler.jpg

ANDREA THÜLER has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2011 and a Facilitator Trainer since 2015. She has translated Seena’s book into German and is the coordinator of the German speaking SoulCollage® Community. Her education in anthroposophical Art-Therapy opened a wide field of creative discovery. She is especially fascinated on all levels by play with color, using senses, intuition and imagination. Mother nature is her deepest teacher. On Sacred Journeys and Vision Quests, with AuraSoma® and most of all SoulCollage®, she accompanies people in finding authenticity and confidence. Inspired by inner wisdom and spiritual guidance over the past 27 years, she has developed unique ways to transform life issues. Among them are: the walk on one's own timeline; workshops to awaken the inner artist; and retreats to learn how to read and appreciate the messages mother nature offers us. Her website is


Catherine Anderson has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2004 and a Facilitator Trainer since 2012. She loves facilitating explorations at the intersection of SoulCollage® and the labyrinth, as she considers these to both be soul languages which help us connect more deeply with purpose and meaning in life. Catherine is author of “Meeting Your Soul on the Labyrinth: SoulCollage® and the Labyrinth as Pathways for Transformation” as well as a series of Collage Imagery books, “The Creative Photographer” and “Journaling the Labyrinth Path”. Catherine is on the Faculty of Veriditas, an organization that trains and supports labyrinth facilitators around the world, and teaches workshops and retreats on creativity, photography, art journaling, SoulCollage® and the labyrinth in beautiful places around the world. Her website is

carlo new photo.JPG

Carlo Amedeo Reyneri, a SoulCollage® Facilitator, was trained in 1998 to conduct the Transformation Game®. The Game was created 40 years ago at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland by Joy Drake (SoulCollage® Facilitator). Carlo has been Joy’s student first and then her assistant, especially in the programs offered in Italy, where he also teaches autonomously. He discovered SoulCollage® in Findhorn during one of Joy’s seminars - the “Alchemy of Transformation” - which applies SoulCollage® to The Transformation Game. Carlo finds the combination of these two methods remarkably powerful, as they enhance each others’s effectiveness both at a practical and at a spiritual level. Carlo lives and works in Torino, as architect expert in Feng Shui, co-founder of a bio-architecture studio, and writes books on bio-architecture and Feng Shui.

Pathway Descriptions

A Sacred Journey on your Life's Timeline

THIS PATHWAY IS NOW FULL! Waiting list only. Please indicate on your registration form if you wish to be on the waiting list.

Looking at the golden thread and at the “signature of your life” from a wider perspective - guided by Andrea Thüler

By looking at your life from a wider perspective, you can experience a deep understanding of synchronicity as well as the meaning of the present moment. Making your timeline visible through art and your SoulCollage® Neters offers you a unique way to access healing energies not only for your personal timeline but beyond yourself, all the way to the timeline of mother earth.
To consciously walk on your life's timeline has an impact on all life. The doors that you are unlocking open for you as well as for others around you, as you are invited to embrace the spirit of eternity that causes birth, life, death and rebirth.

Can we do something for the wounded world? Yes we can!

This journey allows you to visit your secret inner chambers, spiraling to your heart, receiving deep healing energy for yourself and for everything that surrounds you.

When your Life's Timeline becomes visible through your SoulCollage® Cards and with the help of objects offered by mother nature, you enter into an amazing space where your past, present and future interact.
Andrea invites you to gather and harvest all the beauty, comfort, care, love and sacredness that grace your life by exploring and consulting your SoulCollage® Cards in the context of your life-path. You will receive information directly into your heart through Guided meditation, movement and breathing. Journaling, sketching, creating SoulCollage® cards and LandArt in the natural surroundings will offer creative ways to express and integrate the insights you will receive.

Experiencing the walk on the timeline is a precious and creative ritual path. It will be interspersed with sacred ceremonies and plenty of wonderful opportunities to unite with the beauty of the Self.

andrea image.png

Participation in this Pathway offers:

·       Revelation of deep insights and healing energies of the paths you have walked since ancient times all the way to the here and now

·       Experience and integration of the beauty that lies in the “astronaut’s perspective”

·       The embrace of your timeline’s gifts

·       Connection with the eternal star within

·       Time for planting seeds for the future

·       Time for soulful wishes and new perspectives

·       Time to explore the wisdom of your SoulCollage® Neters

What to bring:
• Your SoulCollage® deck.

·      A stone that has a meaning for you and will travel with you on the sacred journey on your life’s timeline. It should be of a comfortable size to be held in your hand, not too big and not too small.

·      2-3 pictures of yourself for possible use on a card.

·      journal / sketchbook, crayons and pen.

·      2-3 magazines that interest you.

 Materials provided:
Blank SoulCollage® cards and clear bags; images, magazines, glue, scissors, cutters, cutboards; workshop handouts

Inner and Outer Seasons of the Soul

Exploring the Cycles of Life with SoulCollage® and the Labyrinth - with Catherine Anderson.

We experience the cyclical nature of life every day, and yet we often view our lives in a linear way. The labyrinth is a metaphor for the journey of life, and reminds us of the circling and spiraling that are an inherent part of living. Both SoulCollage® and the labyrinth are soul languages offering us resources to access our inner world and guiding us towards a deeper sense of meaning and purpose as we journey on this path called life.

“If we wish to outline an architecture that conforms to the structure of our soul,

it would have to be conceived in the image of the labyrinth.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

labyrinth image.jpg

We will immerse ourselves in the metaphors and symbols offered by the labyrinth for our journey through the seasons of life. We will create a labyrinth on the grounds of the resort so we can walk this three-dimensional archetype and let the spiraling pathway connect us to the messages of the soul. We will use our SoulCollage® cards to deepen our understanding of these messages so we can use them to live our lives in alignment with our SoulEssence.

Participation in this Pathway offers:

• An exploration of the labyrinth and SoulCollage® as process languages to support and guide you to awaken to your purpose and potential.

• Insights into viewing the world in a symbolic way.

• Creative ways to add the energy of the labyrinth pattern into your SoulCollage® cards.

• A group experience of creating a walking labyrinth.

• Deepening our relationship with our SoulCollage® cards as we explore ways of using them to offer insights before and after a labyrinth walk.

What to Bring

• Your SoulCollage® cards. If you have a large deck of cards and limited luggage space, go through the cards and let them tell you if they need to come with you for this adventure, and bring only those cards. I suggest you bring at least 24 cards with you.

• A journal for your notes and readings

• Scissors

Materials Provided

• Supplies to create our walking labyrinth

• Creative supplies for adding labyrinth energy to your cards

• Blank SoulCollage® cards and clear bags; images, magazines, glue

A Unique Transformational Experience

Transform what you would like to change in your life, using the Transformation Game® and SoulCollage® together - guided by Carlo Amedeo Reyneri

Life is a changing process and we have the opportunity to become creators of the transformations we would like to see happening in our lives. The combination of the Transformation Game ® with SoulCollage® provides a powerful experience to raise our consciousness. This Transformation Experience is a wonderful way to gracefully let go of the past and invite a new, joyful and fulfilling way forward to be shown to you.

Foto TGame.JPG

Carlo will facilitate a Transformation Game®, guiding participants to focus on what they intend to transform. Each player will move on the Game board following his/her life path. On each square of this path there will be a life experience, which will provide Insights, Setbacks and Angels (Supportive Qualities), to understand the way we are “playing” our life. The wisdom of our SoulCollage® Cards will enable participants to integrate the outcome of the Game in transformation experiences in daily life.

Participation in this Pathway offers:

• A deep, soul-based way to align transitions taking place in our lives with newly emerging impulses, initiating a smoother and wiser flow moving forward

• An opening to the grace, love and wisdom within the Transformation Game, which allows all that is outdated to fall away

• A playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key life issues

• A broader perspective on particular life patterns

• A deeper knowledge of how our consciousness applies our Insights, Setbacks and Supportive Qualities (“Angels”) in dealing with the changes we want in our lives

• A special alchemy between the Transformation Game® outcomes and SoulCollage® Cards readings


Every Pathway Pod, facilitated by a Pathway Coordinator, will meet in the same assigned location several times during the Conference. You will receive a detailed schedule at your arrival in Sorano. For details about Continuing Education Units see the main Conference page (link).

• What to bring:

Your SoulCollage® deck of personal cards.

• An item that reminds you of your connection to the Sacred - to your highest vision and deepest truth; a special stone, a small object, which can be used as a marker, to represent you on the playing board.

• A little note book to keep track of you movement on the playing board and to record your impressions during the Game.

Materials provided:

• Complete Transformation Game with board, cards and all the playing items;

• The Next Steps Focus sheets;

• SoulCollage® Cards Interpretation sheets.