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Ceremonies, Rituals, and personal practices based on the 4 Elements

  • Ignatius Loyola Jesuit Centre, St. Brigid's Villa 5420 Hwy 6 North Guelph, Ontario Canada (map)


Regardless of time, place, and cultural/religious traditions, humans have engaged in rituals and ceremonies to find peace, connection, and integration; to strengthen community, and to mature psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The visible manifestations of ceremonies and rituals, as well as of personal practices, are undeniably different from tradition to tradition, and yet they share commonalities such as underlying values and intentions. Rituals and ceremonies are so central to human identity that we can find them, in some form, in all societies - past and present - around the world.

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During this weekend, we gather to expand our understanding of ceremonies, rituals and personal practices, and their value and function in our lives by experiencing simple but meaningful ways to enliven their presence in our days in light of the Four Elements’ wisdom.  

You will create a personal calendar to harmonize your days with the flow of Time. Whether you wish to develop a unique personal practice that has meaning to you, or to energize your existing personal practice with renewed commitment and appreciation, you will find this workshop inspiring and nourishing of soul and spirit. We will not be in Silence for the whole time, but we will for large portions of the weekend.

There is a pattern to the seasons and there is a rhythm to each day, just as there are cycles in every individual life. Our unfolding is marked by pivotal moments that open or close a chapter, and by other landmark events that influence the direction of our path. We receive invitations to stretch our comfort zone and to free our potentials, and we go through initiations, whether we are aware of them or not.

Since the dawning of consciousness, humans have designed ways

·      to celebrate such moments

·      to affirm accomplishments and integrate them in the community’s shared view of itself

·      to honor developmental passages

·      to invite a breakthrough in the flow of events and in the perception of what is possible

·      to tap into the mystery to bring in support, change, and innovation

·      to stay connected with the “divine” and to “pray”

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SCHEDULE: Friday 7pm-9pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 9am-4pm.

The workshop fee of $300 Includes tuition, materials and a simple lunch Saturday and Sunday.

Please clearly mark dietary restrictions on the registration form

What to bring: extra snacks if you need to munch in between meals (although we provide some), water bottle (not a plastic bottle to discard - they are banned at the Villa), your scissors, a glue stick, any favorite coloured pencils, pastels or crayons you have, any magazine you are willing to share, your pen and journal. If you are flying let us know and we will make sure you will find all you need here. Wear comfortable work clothing and bring a shawl if you like to work on the floor. Wear shoes good enough for being in a natural setting, especially if you would like to take a walk.

Materials provided: Blank SoulCollage® cards and clear bags, magazines. 

Besides lunch, Tea and nuts will be available. 

This event is organized by Barbara Susan Booth. 

This is the cancellation policy and information about accommodations in Guelph:

Our Cancellation Policy

A full refund, less a $50 processing fee, is given if the cancellation is received a month before the event. This processing fee applies to all payments, whether a deposit or a payment in full.

No refund or credit is given for cancellations after that deadline, if you fail to attend, or if you leave the event early, or if you become ill, unless someone is able to take your place at short notice.

You may also apply a credit (less the $75 processing fee) toward a new SoulCollage® or School of the Origins (SOTO) program led by Mariabruna Sirabella held within the next 12 months. If you must make a last minute cancellation, you also have the option of offering your payment toward a scholarship fund so that we may offer this Training (or another program for which we have a waiting list) to an individual of proved low income or who serves underpriviedged populations (minorities, immigrants, prisoners, refugees, etc.) and whose income is limited.

Guelph Accommodations Participants have stayed at and enjoyed:

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